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DH Gate Scam

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Is DHGate Legit?

Read on to find out whether DH Gate Scam is for real or not.

You’d think that every wholesale company is run like this but sadly they’re not. If you’ve been trying to succeed online for any amount of time you’ll know that finding a supplier that can offer you everything you need is notoriously difficult – well not for long. Salehoo takes away a lot of that hassle by serving up some really profitable suppliers on your plate!

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The DHGate Scam Revealed…

It is rare that an internet scam like the DHGate scam stays under the radar for such a long period of time. Usually internet scams are reported on forums, to trading standards and all other places 10 minutes after they happen. Whilst there is a lot of negative stories about DHGate online many people continue to do business with them and in many cases they will continue to get burnt and here is why…

You Can’t Buy Branded Goods In China

For some reason China is made out to be the holy grail of wholesale purchasing and whilst it remains very very good for unbranded items like chairs, tables, blank clothing etc you simply cannot buy the real branded stuff from China and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Do you really think that Nike would give permission for one of their factories to sell to the end user when they have distributors for all departments who order millions and millions of dollars worth of items at once? Of course they wouldn’t which sadly means any branded items that you see sold in China are fakes.

That means the Ralph Lauren shirts you wanted to buy, and the Lacoste ones too. That means the Nike golf clubs that looked to good to be true are not real either and so is the complete Dexter boxset – you get the idea?

The DHGate scam affects those looking for these products. DHGate allow sellers to advertise them as genuine which results in hundreds of people buying products they don’t actually want everyday. Selling counterfeits is highly illegal and whilst you may make some money in the short term you’ll leave yourself open to all sorts of hassle like fraud calls, fines, eBay suspension etc. The list really does go on and if you ever want to sleep at night I recommend you stick to legitimate practices!

Fake Testimonials

Now lots of websites use testimonials to enhance the credibility of their site, nothing wrong with that. Or is there? Well when it comes to the DHgate scam there is quite a lot wrong with their testimonials as you are about to find out!

dhgate scam

Above is a “success story” from Kim Brett in Australia. At first glance there appears to be nothing wrong with what he is saying but on closer inspection you’ll see that nothing he says can be taken seriously…

The picture DHgate are using is non other than professional poker player Tom Dwan. If you play poker you may recognize him or you may think he looks familiar (probably from Full Tilt Poker adverts). Obviously Tom is not buying wholesale under an alias as he has around $5,000,000 in winnings from poker so needless to say that this testimonial is completely fake. Whilst I’m not 100% sure about the other testimonials they all look pretty suspect to me and I honestly wouldn’t trust a word they say!

tom dwanThe Real Tom Dwan Doing What He Does Best!

The Quality Of Products & Service

Now when I received my order from DHGate all items were counterfeit so I couldn’t sell them on anyway but I still thought it was worth mentioning that the quality of the items was awful. There is such a thing as a good fake and a bad fake, these were bad fakes. The stitching on the clothing was awful, you couldn’t sell it as a plain shirt let alone designer!

The quality of the electronics was not much better either. Although I did manage to turn on the cell phones and use them reception was poor in an area that should receive reception fine and the outer packaging made the products look tacky and cheap. I’m sure there are a few people who are happy selling this kind of product but I’m not, I like to sell quality and this certainly was not it!

The Price

When I made my order from DHGate I was well aware there were other suppliers out there who offered the same sort of thing at a much cheaper price but in order to make my review as fair as possible I made the order from DHGate and just paid the higher price. Now this has nothing to do with the DHGate scam in particular I am just merely making a point that the items you want can be found much cheaper from much better suppliers!

Don’t buy into the DHgate Scam when there are suppliers who will appreciate you and your business and more importantly MAKE you and your business a huge success!

About DHGate

This website is dedicated to the DHGate scam so it is only fair we first discuss what DHgate is, what it does and why it is discussed so much online. As a former DHgate customer I have done a fair few deals with them and no the company inside out due to my due diligence research before I ordered. Whilst the DHgate scam is currently in full flow here are a few things you may not of known…

DHgate is a Chinese marketplace aimed at the Western world. Chinese and Asian sellers from all over use DHgate as a portal to sell their goods, products and even services to the rest of the world at prices that would be deemed cheap in our country. DHgate is not an individual supplier, they are merely a platform to sell goods from much like eBay. In fact, consider DHgate the closest thing to the eBay of the wholesale industry.

DHgate simply act as middlemen for the hundreds and thousands of suppliers that sell their goods there and take a cut of the transaction fee much like eBay do. Bare that in mind because it is highly unlikely you are going to get the cheapest deal from a company who has to give 10% of their sale away to a broker.

Of course because it is in DHGate’s best interests to make sales, it becomes pretty easy to become a seller on there and the entire marketplace is not really supervised. Because of this it has become a scammers paradise in recent years and even if you’re lucky enough to get your goods they will be fake, counterfeit or just bad quality. Of course this is not true for every product on there but definitely is if you’re looking at buying anything branded.

Although DHgate claim to offer a good money back guarantee they do not. Don’t order anything expecting that if it goes wrong you’ll be able to make a claim and get your money back, it really does not work like that. Refunds are given in very extreme circumstances because if they weren’t DHgate would be handing out refunds left, right and center!

If you take anything away from this article, anything at all then make it is the number one golden rule of the wholesale business – YOU CAN’T BUY BRANDED GOODS IN CHINA!


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